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Republicans For Choice

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About Us

The purpose of RFC was, and still is, three fold:

1) Locate and mobilize pro-choice Republicans nationwide, letting them know they in fact are not alone. RFC has also done extensive polling to show in fact that the rank and file GOP are overwhelmingly pro-choice contrary to the media's portrayal. Surveys taken by RFC and others show that the regular Republican voter believes the woman, NOT government, should be in charge of the decision on when and If to get an abortion. That is the position that is consistent with core Republican values of the government that governs least, governs best. In fact we have seen surveys reflect from as nuch as a 68- 71% range of support for the woman's right to choose. When asked to self label the results are closer with about 52% calling themselves "pro-choice" and 48% self labeling as "pro-life". The labels have lost their meaning. 

2) Work on bringing the GOP back to its natural place on the abortion issue, more consistent with core GOP values. The ideal position on this issue from a GOP values standpoint would support the sanctity of life but endorse the woman as the decider and fight to keep government out of this issue. The work to move the GOP includes activism in Party events and meetings, continuing a push for Platform revision, advocating and participating in common ground meetings as well as support for a variety of efforts to defeat GOP-led state and federal initiatives including (but not limited to) such legislative abominations as the so called Personhood Amendment.  RFC works both alone and as part of broader coalitions as is consistent with GOP values.  

3) Locate, recruit and encourage pro-choice Republicans to run for office giving endorsements, helping with white papers, op-eds, debate preparation and as needed, or requested, surrogate speaking and fundraising. Work with the national Party and state parties to insure that the pro-choice incumbents are not harassed, or discriminated against in  determining and allocating support, both financial and otherwise, due to their position on choice. This has included successfully working at both the state and national level to prevent policies or stop resolutions that would lead to negative treatment based on a litmus test.