In 1994, the Contract with America concentrated on issues which unite all Republicans (note that abortion and other contentious social issues like it were intentionally excluded) and we were able to win control of the House and the Senate.

This was a stark contrast to 1992. The Republican Party was divided over the issue in 1992 and lost the presidency and a large number of GOP voters. 69% of Republicans who defected to Ross Perot and Bill Clinton were pro-choice GOP voters.

Now the Party wants to return to its 1992 agenda. We can’t allow that. That’s why we need your support today.


1. We will continue to rebuild the pro-choice movement in the Republican Party by locating and mobilizing our majority, those who agree with the long-established beliefs of the GOP.

2. We will fight at our Party’s National Convention to remove the anti-choice plank and nominate a pro-choice Vice-Presidential candidate. We must be viewed as a Party of inclusion and not one of exclusion. Continuing to maintain the anti-choice plank in our Party’s platform and ignoring GOP pro-choicers will continue to drive away many Americans who would normally support us.

3. We will continue to raise money to support and elect more pro-choice Republican candidates at the state and federal levels. We can’t allow our pro-choice candidates to continue to be outspent by their opponents. Too often, good candidates lose because they are outspent by the extreme right and their allies.


As Republicans, we oppose governmental interference in our private lives. We believe the decision to choose an abortion must be made by the individual, not the state.

WE ARE NOT PRO-ABORTION Too often, pro-choice is mistaken for pro-abortion. Republicans For Choice believes that in accordance with the basic fundamental principles of the Republican Party, we must protect individual rights, including a woman’s right to choose.

Unfortunately, a vocal minority within our Party led by Pat Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly wants us to remain strictly anti-choice. This not only contradicts our basic belief as Republicans that big government should not dictate to the individual, it endangers the Party in local, statewide, and national elections. 71% of Republicans nationwide are pro-choice. That pro-choice majority wants to replace the plank with one which recognizes Republicans can differ on this issue, and that abortion should not be a litmus test for candidates or Party members.


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"This Republicans For Choice committee is a political action group and is not a part of, or affiliated with, Planned Parenthood."