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Many people naively thought as we entered the 21st Century that a woman's right to choose was no longer under attack. Instead, we have seen an increase in anti-choice legislation at the state level (hundreds of bills and countless statewide initiatives to limit or outlaw abortion) and a continued drumbeat at the Federal level as well. RFC has played a key role in helping to block, kill or overturn much of this legislation to date.  

All of RFC's work is made possible through the generous financial support of thousands of dedicated citizens who have stepped up and are still stepping up to preserve a woman's right to choose. But we need to increase our numbers.

So we need YOUR help as well.  Although the overwhelming majority of voters, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, say they support a woman's right to choose -- words are not enough.  Their votes aren't enough.  The anti-choice movement is well funded and aggressive.  It takes money to fight battles as large as this one.

So, if you are not already a supporter of RFC, I hope you will sign on today.  You will receive monthly inside reports on what is happening with GOP insiders, on the Hill, in the various states where legislation is pending that is threatening to women's right to choose as well as threatening to the healthcare providers who work to honor women's individual's rights on this very private, personal issue.

It's time to put this issue to rest and protect women's Constitutional right to choose once and for all.  Abortion does NOT belong in politics -- period!

If you feel as we do that rights like this should not be dictated by our Government or by a select minority -- then I hope you will JOIN RFC today by making whatever donation you can afford immediately.

Simply go to our DONATE page or CONTACT US page and sign up!  It is as simply as that.