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Look Past the Party Label

By Ann Stone

When Republicans For Choice (RFC) was founded following the Supreme Court’s Webster decision back in 1989 (the first decision that almost overturned Roe) the majority of state legislatures were Democrat-controlled.  Congress was Democrat-controlled.

Some of the most active anti-choice activists in office were Democrats.  And many still are.  The Democrat’s Leader in the U S Senate, today, Harry Reid, for example is a strong opponent of a woman’s right to choose.

So we founded Republicans For Choice (RFC) to help you look past the Party label.

If you are an active member of RFC you have already received our candidate listing of all Republican candidates.  We have included those running for Congress (House and Senate) and for Governor and what their positions are on a woman’s right to choose as well as on embryonic stem cell research (there are some anti’s who are good on stem cell research).  If you need another copy let us know by email.

We do not post our full listing since we know our site is monitored by the opposition so we don’t want to give them an easily accessible target list of our friends. We will share it upon written request with friendly press and those who join with us.

Many of our strongest pro-choice GOP officeholders are under attack.  Some may lose.  But the sad irony is they will lose not because of their position on Choice….but because voters will unfairly paint them as anti-choice and anti-stem cell research and pro-Bush just because they are Republican.

So our plea to the voting public is this….if you care about preserving a woman’s right to choose…take the time to find out the real position of the candidates.  Look past the Party label. 

And also understand this…it takes a whole lot more principle and courage to be a Republican running as a pro-choice advocate than to be a Democrat.  So if you are lucky enough to have two pro-choice candidates to choose from…please reward the courage of the Republican with your vote.

Remember as well when you vote for a pro-choice Republican you not only get a candidate who trusts women to make their own decisions and who fights to keep government out of the bedroom as well as the boardroom…but they also believe in lower taxes so you get to keep more of what you earn!  Such a deal!!