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Several states have anti-choice ballot Initiatives and Amendments this year that challenge women's access to reproductive healthcare and threaten their private doctor-patient relationship

    Colorado - Amendment 67

     Amendment 67 is a dangerous personhood bill that would ban ALL abortions in the state --
     including in the extreme cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. While the initiative is being
     disguised as an attempt to further prosecute those who do purposeful harm to women that then
     effects the fetus, it is truly a dangerous anti-choice move to ban abortion. Early polls signal that
     voters in the state will not approve it, but it is a dangerous sign of anti-choice activism in this
     country. Personhood laws, by declaring that life begins at conception, outlaw abortion and put
                              access to other forms of reproductive health care, including birth control and in vitro fertilization
                              at risk by defining life as beginning at fertilization.

    North Dakota - Measure 1

      North Dakota, home to some of the nation's harshest restrictions on reproductive rights, has
      a "Personhood" measure on the ballot as well. Measure 1 states that life begins at conception.
                               If the court’s decision over the drugs effectively outlaws abortion, this measure would
                               completely stamp it out in the state. It is up to the voters of North Dakota to determine the
                               fate of the measure. Current polling shows that a majority of voters are in favor of the Measure,
                               but also had a sizeable number of undecided voters.

     Tennessee - Amendment 1

      Tennessee's ballot initiative Amendment 1 would change the state's constitution to state that
      there is no legal right to abortion, effectively reversing Roe v. Wade for the women of the state.
      Right now the TN Constitution is better for women's rights  than the US Constitution. It is a
      dangerous step for the state to take, giving all the power over women's reproductive rights
      to the statehouse rather than where they should be--between a woman and her doctor. The
                                       most recent polls had this Amendment as too close to call.